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There is so much coming on for September that we decided to put out a Museletter.  They are now available at the Habitat, Snowdome Cafe, Video Stop, Mondos Cafe, the Activity Centre, the Museum or here…

Here are a few of the highlights of our first edition!


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Another weekend in the Rockies

I knew that living in the Rockies gave me a strength that I couldn’t understand.  I just accept the wonder of this natural place and go about my work.  From morning sunrises over the mountains to the soapstone carving on my desk…rock is one constant in my life that – excuse the pun – grounds me.

So tonight’s exhibits at the Jasper Museum and the Jasper Artists Guild were a delightful way to end the week.  Both of these exhibits give the viewer a glimpse of the Rockies (or just rocks)…and offer a glimpse into the diversity of the place I call home.

Both of these exhibits are on for most of March.  The Artists Guild is located in the old Firehall near the Jasper Post Office and the Museum is located across the street from the pool.

Anna Carnell

Edith VanderKloot

Wanda Whaley

Ray Syrja

Alan Butler website is under construction…you can find Alan and Ray on the Jasper Artists Guild site

Jasper Artists Guild

Capturing the spirit…with music and community

Our little community puts on the most amazing Christmas Fair…has for the 20+ years that I have lived here.  The past few years the folks running the fair have changed.  And as with any shuffle of administration things change…new ideas get brought to life.  We were pretty happy to see this great seasonal community event grow again this year with more new ideas!  Like decorating and advertising…with even two versions of posters to catch the eyes of crafts patrons.

Its all about connections!

Rides to the fair were provided by Marmot Basin…a little green initiative in the season of white!  Santa and a couple of his helpers did an afternoon circuit through the town to get visitors and locals to the fair and home.  When I stepped out to see how the bus was doing, the carols were playing and the antlers were on!

Choirs and piano music rounded out a day of gingerbread houses and the gifts that can’t be bought.  Fair organizer Greg Van Tighem was awarded  for his long days of planning with one of the crafts from the childrens area.  After all are children not the real reason why we celebrate this holiday.  A season of hope, a reprieve from the daily grind where spirit and grace are not foremost in many minds?

Lets see…children, crafts, gingerbread, Santa bus, unexpected gifts, choirs, piano music, decorations, community organizations…oh yah! – the most amazing collection of artisans and bakers…pottery, jewelry, First Nations art, fabric arts, stone mosaics, woodwork, metalwork, cookies, chocolates, pet treats…

And we thought it was just a Christmas Fair!

Rockin’ at the Farmers Market

...if you can imagine it, she can build it!It’s harvest time.  Time to go to the Farmers Market and check out the fresh veggies, apples, honey…and, of course, what would a market be without its artisans.

Anna Carnell’s booth of mosaics and artworks made from natural and recyled elements showcase her amazing talent – bringing customer’s realizations to life or by using total freedom in her creations.  Like a stone teapot.  Her work has such unique possibilities that I was surprised when the lid didnt come off…it looked so real.

It’s no surprise that Anna’s work is so ‘elemental’.  I met her years ago when she lived in a National Park.  Nature and appreciation for the beauty in nature are evident in every aspect of her life.  She has since moved to the Calgary area – somewhere where she could live closer to her second passion – her horses.  When not in her studio you can find her and her partner riding or playing Polocrosse.  A cross between Polo and Lacrosse!  And when not tending horses, creating stone mosaics, working the Millarville or Calgary markets, or working with her many student projects…you can find her putting the final touches and details on her newest building project – her new home in the Foothills.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out the southern Alberta Farmers Market yet – no problem!  Anna is one of over 30 artisans coming north to the Jasper Christmas Fair on Nov 22nd.