One Step Back, Two Steps Forward!

Yes…I know.  Its an old cliche that usually reads one step forward, two steps back…usually meant for the times when what you are trying to accomplish just seems to be out of reach.

Yes…its true…the new Cultural Spaces building is still under construction…and we have had to cancel shows, re-budget events, decline funds and break some hearts (ours usually) BUT 2014 just keeps getting better.

This years Culture Days funding has come through.  Great stuff coming up…puppet workshops, harvest dancing, Raven’ About the Arts Awards, A FILM FESTIVAL!! and the ever popular Bowls with Soul! (Check out this year’s potter for bowls with soul!  Connie Pike )

Check out her glaze names...Earth Spirit, Morning Mist, Maple Syrup and Alberta Gold!

Check out her glaze names…Earth Spirit, Morning Mist, Maple Syrup and Alberta Gold!

Last years theme was that of ‘Gypsy’ as we were homeless…this year we are still homeless, but, kinda likin’ it!

Where to start with an update…I hope you are one of our facebook followers as that is a daily way to watch what’s going on.  (on Facebook )

If not, here’s the low down:

The Jasper Short Film and Media Arts Festival

JSFFJasper’s first ‘made for Jasper’ Film Festival.  Submissions are open now through to August 15. Details on how to submit, application form and rules are at . BIG thanks to Alberta Culture for the Culture Days funding…no application fee THIS YEAR!  We have three awards…emerging, established and peoples choice films.  Prizes are pretty FREAKING AWESOME!!  A weekend in Banff during their world famous (we are never sure if we should be jealous of Banff’s great film festival or thrilled that such a great event is only 4 hours away!!  Lets go with thrilled!)…so where was I…oh yes…A NIGHT at the Fairmont Banff Springs and a day pass to the Banff Film Festival!  Get your films submitted!!  And please…consider coming to Jasper for the day of…both the Mountain Park Lodges and Best Western have allocated some rooms for discounts that weekend…ask us for details!

On Saturday Sept 27th a full day of films with run at the Chaba Theatre in Jasper.

The day will start with a Premiere showing of ANCESTORS CALLING from our neighbours to the north who have a great history of publications including films and books!

Ancestors Calling Cover_2014_low res

For media art lovers we will have Gary James Joynes in Jasper presenting PEREGRINATION.  A live cinema work reflecting on the nature of sound and its visual and material nature. A meditation on Joynes’ visual experimentation using historical scientific instruments and anachronistic musical technology. PEREGRINATION combines compositional sound elements and improvisational use of recorded footage of live play of the wavedriver machinery he uses to create in the studio.

Gary James Joynes
Gary James Joynes, also known by his performing moniker Clinker, has been active in the electronic and experimental music performance community for years. He has more recently embarked on a broader artistic exploration using his analog synthesizers and custom made machines to create visual sound as photograph/drawing/sculpture hybrids along with immersive and unending installation environments for reflection and a deep listening experience.

The day will be followed by an evening at the Best Western Jasper Inn and Suites with an industry and filmmaker meetup with guests from the industry as well as entertainment.

AND to help fund all this we have a raffle ongoing in Jasper…tickets at the Fitzhugh office and the Video Stop. A dinner for 4 at Syrah’s Jasper…a dinner you cannot buy as Chef Munn will be creating a special menu for the lucky winners!  And executive seating and swag at the Festival…


Arising from the Film Festival news Jasper’s Laura Campbell has taken her concept of collecting ‘Jasper Stories’ one step higher.  The idea was that – for the 50th anniversary of Jasper’s Marmot Basin and Jasper Skytram – stories by the folks that made those places possible would be collected for fun and heritage.  Well…anything fun will eventually lead to a film!

Jasper Stories

JASPER STORIES has evolved into a proposed series of visual storytellers/storytelling.  Details are on line at  Check it out…and its crowd sourcing project page at Indiegogo.  There are some great perks…just for supporting a great idea!

First one in the series is about the two celebrating their 50th anniversaries…the people behind the origins of Marmot and Skytram…but the next one might be about biking in Jasper or hiking or ???  Who doesnt love a good yarn!?



Yes…we have had some set backs…but we sure dont have time to worry about them!

OH Yes…yesterday we received some serious green light funds for this fabulous project!!  CHECK OUT our ARTOGRAPHY page to see what else we are up!  If you are an Alberta artist…let’s chat!

The Alberta Guide to Art and Artists!

See ya soon!






Mayan year for change, scarecrows and looking for you!

Hard to believe that another year has passed and we are looking at the 4th annual Alberta Culture Days month of festivities in partnership with the ARTS WITH ALTITUDE Festival and Arts Jasper and Jasper Artists Guild and the Jasper Theatre Company and the Library…!!

The theme this year is CHANGE…its 2012 and the Mayan calendar is not the only ‘icon’ of change in Jasper!  The new cultural spaces the Municipality are building will mean a lot of change for the arts organizations and relationships for the future of Jasper arts and culture!

SO- lots to say and do…lets get to it!  (VOLUNTEERS…we need some photographers to make sure we capture all these events for history!)

SEPT 21    RAVEN ABOUT THE ARTS AWARDS, 7pm at the Jasper Artists Guild.  $5  (VOLUNTEER opportunities: door, hospitality, setup and takedown)


SEPT 21    PRAIRIE TALES 14, 7pm in the Mandala Room at the Jasper Artists Guild.  $5, entrance to the Awards Night is entrance to the films.  The annual touring anthology of short films and videos made by Albertan media artists. Every year, Alberta’s filmmakers bring out a new batch of works from the shining lights of our province’s media arts scene and assemble them into a feature-length package for distribution across Alberta and beyond.  (VOLUNTEER opportunities: door, setup and takedown)


SEPT 17-28    SCARECROW CONTEST, build a scarecrow in your neighbourhood, register it at jasperscarecrowfestival@gmailcom to win great prizes!
SEPT 25 and 27    PUPPET MAKING WORKSHOPS, $10 per night.  6:30-9:30pm both nights

SEPT 28    SCRIPT WRITING for puppetry, $10.  6:30-9:30pm

Take all three workshops for $20.

Register at


SEPT 28    The Best of the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF) will host a Three Part Series this Fall!

Part One : Bike Climb Paddle Run Fly : September 28
Part Two : Pipelines and Playgrounds : October 26
Part Three : Stoked on Snow : November 23

$14 in Advance at the Jasper Legion (after September 10)
$16 at the Door


SEPT 29   A WALKABOUT with heritage character MONA MATHESON…learn a bit about Jasper heritage and then drop by the Library for storytelling and a writers afternoon!!

Then stop into the Jasper Library for an afternoon of storytelling with writer John Strugnell at 3pm.


SEPT 29 and 30, watch Jasper’s streets as Artists appear – to register to play outside…contact Peggy at or call 852.4747.  (VOLUNTEERS needed to make performance badges)


SEPT 30    BOWLS WITH SOUL, the annual night for sharing a bowl of soup with your community, and you get to keep the HANDMADE IN JASPER bowl!  Only 70 bowls this year…$20.  Community event, no charge if you don’t want a bowl.  This year we will be voting on Jasper’s soup makers…and someone will get to take home the GOLDEN LADLE!!  (VOLUNTEER opportunities: take tickets at the door, hand out ballots for the GOLDEN LADLE, dish duty!)


SEPT 30    VARIETY STAGE SHOW, an annual stage production for Culture Days…to get on stage email  Dance, sing, share your poetry or play your fiddle!  Great honorariums.  Free, all ages welcome.


Jasper is home this year to HOME ROUTES house concerts…check them out on facebook!  Or contact Nancy Addison to see what great musicians are coming to Jasper this winter!  First concert is Sept 30 with guest artists THE SATURDAY SAINTS!

OCTOBER 1     Jasper Legion is the place to be with great music by MATT ANDERSON!!


OCT 6 and 7    ARTISTS IN THE PINES, share the weekend with an amazing instructor, Tessa Nunn.  Tessa Nunn graduated from with a Masters in Fine Art from the New York Academy of Art in 2002. Since her return to Canada, she has been teaching figurative painting, drawing and sculpture, as well as courses on painting techniques.  Tessa began to teach painting and drawing workshops because she felt a need for a new approach to teaching art, one that embraces the many levels of our being. The curriculum she has developed is based on her artistic processes which are influenced by spiritual principles, as well as traditional painting techniques.  Through meditation, gentle Yogic movement, and lessons on art techniques, participants explore different ways to look at the human form, and then ultimately at the world around them.  $225 please register at 780.852.0359 or


OCT 11 and 12    DINNER THEATRE for Arts Jasper, Jasper Theatre Company and the Arts with Altitude Festival Finale!  Beyond Therapy, adult content, tickets are $50 and for sale at the Library and Tekarra Photo.  BEYOND THERAPY…Trying to find that special someone can be quite a trial in our hectic, fast-paced society. In Christopher Durang’s play Beyond Therapy the already difficult situation of trying to build a new relationship is given an extra twist through the creation of a unique love triangle.  The story centers around Bruce , a neurotic bisexual thirtysomething; Prudence , the equally neurotic thirtysomething who answers his personal ad, and Bob, Bruce’s high-strung, jealous lover. Add to the mix Bruce’s and Prudence’s therapists, and the stage has been set for confusion, conflict, and lots of comedy.  (VOLUNTEER opportunities…please call!)


OCT 13    Join us at the Jasper Park Stables on Pyramid Lake Road for some ‘Flashlight painting’ for the Dark Sky Festivities.  Details on the Tourism Jasper Dark Sky Festival website.


OCT 13 and 14    DARK SKY PHOTOGRAPHY workshops at Pine Bungalows with YUICHI TAKASAKA!  $55, 2-4pm.  Register at

OCT 13 noon to 4pm take in the Animation workshop ‘Drawing Dragons’ with Deanna Dence.  Ages 12 – 100, $50 materials supplied.


AND because sometimes we all need a little help planning our days when there is so much going on…we have CULTURE CACHING PASSPORTS coming out soon.  Follow the arts and culture map of your community and get the passport stamped at participating merchants or locations!   Then hand in your passport at the Activity Centre for a chance to win a Culture Caching prize!

Ask us questions…we have more details…or stop by ROOM 12 in Building 32 Tuesdays through Saturdays in September from 1-3pm (thankyou Chris and Sharon Diamond) for a chat about how you can be part of ARTS WITH ALTITUDE…

Thanks go out to Delphinus 18 Productions for all the help with technical and digital services.  Thanks go out to Julie McMath, Jason Munn, Zaybee McGregor, Kim Wallace, Marie Helene, Randy Daniels, Peggy Munn, David Baker, Marianne Garrah, Jasper Artists Guild, Phat Cat Event Planners, Arts Jasper, Jasper Theatre Company and many more to come we are sure!!

Thankyou to Yellowhead Regional Creative Campus for administration assistance with these many events.

AND watch the JASPER COMMUNITY HABITAT FOR THE ARTS on facebook for details and more…


September 30th

Join us for an after dinner black tie affair at the Sawridge – cocktails at 5:30.

October 1

Start the day right with fresh pancakes at 9:30 at the Robson Fair that is now moved from the beautiful little park to the MAIN HALL of Jaspers Activity Centre.

Noon to 4 – check out the artisans, music, food and the labyrinth at the ArtsDay festival…indoors at the Activity Centre.


Another day of great stuff…

The Museletter

There is so much coming on for September that we decided to put out a Museletter.  They are now available at the Habitat, Snowdome Cafe, Video Stop, Mondos Cafe, the Activity Centre, the Museum or here…

Here are a few of the highlights of our first edition!


ARTS WITH ALTITUDE—-Check the right hand column of this webpage for more details!!


Some changes to the MUSELETTER


Deadline to submit something of interest for next Museletter- Sept 7th


Anticipation  is the only word that we can find to describe the feeling we get when we walk into the Habitat for the Arts this (and every) month.  We like the word anticipation because it involves emotion and excitement.  In a dictionary anticipation can sometimes involve anxiety – either way, excited or anxious – it is all about expectations and hoping for good things.

And that is exactly what Habitat is.  Good things.

We are gearing up for another Sunday in July with Matricia Brown – the second Sunday in our Habitat Heritage Series of workshops.  Matricia spent an afternoon sharing her skills at traditional beading.   The Habitat’s classroom with its northwest facing windows proved to be the perfect place to chase tiny beads around a loom…an artform that puts the eyes to work as well as the fingers!  All five of the students (yeh! class sizes are progressively growing) finished bracelets in the allotted time and are already registered for July 17th’s bead workshop – mocassins – beading on hides.  The class is filling up but give Justin a call – we can add another class!


Matricia has also agreed to be part of our RIVERS RAILS AND ROADS Heritage Day program on August 1.  The information centre in Jasper will come alive for half a day with the sights and sounds of Metis Dance, art and music.  2011 is the 200th year anniversary of the cartographer and explorer David Thompson having moved through this area of the Rockies.  In keeping with the spirit of travel we have several summer events around the theme RIVERS RAILS AND ROADS.  And of course what is any kind of a Heritage celebration without cultural expression from as many ethnicity’s as possible!   See you there on August 1 – you will find me at the Maple Shack kiosk…maple sugar candy floss – yum!

The theme of travel is pretty hard to ignore when you live here…we travel out to get services we don’t have here.  And thousands of visitors travel here because of the draw of the mountains…including a class of students who spent an afternoon at Habitat this week.  What to do with 27 children?  How can we build an arts program that they can relate to and learn from?  How can we give them something of value for their afternoon at Habitat?!

A puzzle mural!  We presented them with the concept of RIVERS RAILS AND ROADS and provided them with a short history of David Thompson and the Fur Trade area that we live in…a map was drawn on a 10 foot scale of the three R’s between their home and Jasper and then cut into 1 foot squares.  At random each student chose a square and then was to draw what they knew about the area on their square.  Was there a river there?  Was there any heritage buildings there?  Mountains?  They were free to draw a historical depiction of the area on their square or a futuristic vision of what might be there in 2211!

The map was then reconstructed – and not unlike the one below that we did at the community BBQ – we have discovered that putting the puzzle together is as much fun as painting it!

So we are anticipating July to be as wonderful as June has been.  The AFA exhibit for July is all about our Global Village…what better way to share our love of arts and culture with visitors and community than with ‘This Village’,  works by five immigrants to Alberta.  Did you know that Canada was the first country to adopt a policy of multiculturalism in 1971 where all ethnic groups are encouraged to share their culture with other Canadians?  Be sure to take in the RIVERS RAILS AND ROADS Heritage Day festivities on August 1 …  there will be some great surprises!  (thanks to Deb at Phat Cat!)

Another project under the three R’s program is the revival / continuation of the famed JASPER STORY!  And serendipitously – what should arrive at Habitat this week?  A box full of gold rush Klondike clothing.  Mens and ladies hats, dresses, frills and stockings…  A must see for anyone interested in fabric arts, fashion or history!


Watch for our Mulitcultural displays in July, some films from the NFB and a chance to get involved in history!

Habitat is open Tues to Saturday, noon to 5 (sometimes we close early on Saturdays)

We will be at the Jasper Farmers Market starting July 5!

Located on the second floor of the Provincial Building on the corner across from Nutters and Evil Daves Restaurant.

If you stop by and the door is locked…give us a call…780.852.4747 and we shall meet you there if we can!


You can catch a glimpse of the Habitat on CITY TV’s Breakfast Show soon…

SUMMER THEATRE CAMP – contact Grace!


SO MUCH TO DO…get your culture on!

at the Habitat – where we are RAVEN’ ABOUT THE ARTS!

AND Please…friend us on Facebook!  Jasper Community Habitat for the Arts

Lots of info posted on there…

Beginner blues, Habitat grads and Agents of Change wanted.

The usual scene on the streets of Jasper in March is the spring skier carrying their long black bag full of gear.  Jasper is known for some of the best spring skiing there is.  I had to take a double look this week as the black bags that were being carried down the street this week were NOT ski gear but rather guitar cases.  It was the final week for the Habitat’s guitar for beginners series.   It was also the final week for the Dish Pottery School.  Habitat was taking on the persona of a campus…how fantastic.  Students heading into the building with instruments and students heading out of the building with finished projects.

While the first session of guitar lessons is over – the second session starts on Thursday the 7th at 7pm with Beginners Blues Guitar with Brian Lackey.   You can register with Justin at 780.852.4747 Tuesdays to Saturdays noon to 5.

Spring seems to be synonymous with strings!  Tickets at Habitat

Spring also leads to Easter and Earthday…lots going on in Jasper for those dates.  The Museum has a special EarthDay event planned around the artworks of Marla Pollock and Sharon Anderson.  Jasper Artists Guild has a weekend workshop for April 22-24 with Marie Banville, an artist with an extraordinary flair for working in wax and pigment.

Video classes begin this week with David Baker, Wednesdays at 4 for youth and at 6:30 for adults.  Register with Justin.  These classes are designed to increase familiarity with your own camera and equipment as well as offer you the chance to work on the Creative Campus edit systems at Habitat.  Email for more information.  Registrations are being taken now for this summer’s FilmCamp at the Palisades.  There are two spaces in the camp for students who dont require overnight accommodations at a reduced rate! for more info.

For more details about the workshops coming to Habitat check out our Habitat Humpday News on the right hand column here…we edit those listings every week.


Agents of Change – We Want You!

At Habitat we’re in the business of supporting creative people who make community a better place. With the support of IOTAD (and many many supportive community creatives!), we are delighted to announce the Agents of Change Competition!

We’re looking for a youth (aged 19-29) who is working to make an impact in their community, our city, or around the world.

Is this you?    Is this someone you know?

The chosen agent will receive:

  • A one month workspace package (worth $400) at the Habitat.
  • Access to 6 hours in the classroom for one month (value $75)
  • Access to the Gallery for exhibition for one week during the month (priceless)
  • Amazing networking opportunities and more!

Are you an Agent of Change?

We’re looking for youth aged 19-29 who are:

  • Making a difference in our community
  • Supporting other youth or youth-serving organizations
  • Advancing arts and culture causes
  • Working with children
  • Doing something unique and promising!

If you are making our community a better place, complete an application form!

The entry deadline is Friday, April 29, 2011.

Agents of Change Application Form, three easy steps



Tell us about yourself and what your are working on (100 words or less)

Links to your work – website or blog etc

What is the Change you want to see in the world and what do you need to do to make it happen? (100 words or Less)


Send it to us at before April 29

A bit of history…and a lot of future

An Update!!

Well, as usual December flies by.   And we are amazed at the wonderful assortment of projects that the Habitat brought to life in our 6th week of being!  Another childrens concert is complete – complete with beaming instructor watching in amazement at the skills and talents that have been fostered by her teachings.

The lantern making workshop was interesting, we found ourselves relaxing in the sunbeams (the classroom has windows ceiling to floor on the north and west walls) while listening to music from the stage – Jingle Bells, classical pieces and a finale by an 8 piece string ensemble!

So as the year comes to an end – we wish you all a safe and happy holiday and best wishes for a new year!

If you need some last minute stocking stuffers…check out the January classes.  Lots of potential for something unique and memorable!



Thursday December 9th – we drew a name today from our donation box to take home the CORB LUND tickets for Sunday night.  Rita was the lucky recipient of the tickets…have a super weekend everyone!  Dont forget to stop by the Habitat on Friday night and Saturday afternoon to check out the Barb Brooks art show.


Monday December 6th

Today’s brown bag lunch was amazing…Monika Schaefer took the stage for the hour and treated us all to the sounds of violin and viola.  The plan with the lunch program is to get people engaged in the arts – to bring their kids or friends for a weekly 40 minute hit of something entertaining and educating.  Our crowds are still minimal but Monika was barraged with questions on bow science, materials used in making violins, history of classical movements and audience etiquette.

Next week join us for a reading, after spending hundreds of hours in the car this year we have re-discovered the joy in having someone read to us.  Which is perfect for next week as ACFA (Jasper’s French Community) is having a two day book fair on the 15th and 16th…10 am to 8pm.  Then Dec 20th the Brown Bag Lunch Program will host a short film by Jasper’s Kirby Morrow – lots of Jasper faces to see!

Otherwise we are keeping busy with January programming in Pottery, Video and Theatre.  Saturday mornings may never be the same as DEKE is offering a Drawing with Deke drop in class – only $5 – ages 10-100.   Knitting for children and a fabric art class begins in January also.

You can purchase Fur Ball tickets at the Habitat this month…$30 in advance for a fantastic evening of heritage, food and music.  If you have any items for Santas Anonymous please drop them by as well.  We are open Tues to Sat noon to 5!



Well, its the end of November.  The Habitat is almost a month old.  It has been a fantastic month.  The doors opened to host theatre classes, band practices, film nights and our brown bag lunch program beginnings.  Last night we put up some holiday decorations and cleaned up to the smell of fresh butter popcorn that still lingered from our MINIFEST film night.  (For those of you who couldn’t make it out to hear Maria in the Shower we did download the webcast and it can be seen at

Our guests have left us greetings and well wishes – even ‘an about time’ is now etched in our first guest book.  Our wishlist was only posted for a week and its almost completely filled.  We could still use some office supplies but we now have enough garbage cans!  Charlie brought us two vintage old steel cans that I swear Oscar is about to jump out of…if he is missing one of his cans I think we might have it.

The doors have been kept open as promised noon to 5 Tues to Sat’s, except for the really cold snap when we were just not open.  (I think we might make a policy of -30 and we dont open unless you want in!)

These are the listings coming up for the next few weeks.  Please come up and put your information on the WHATS ON JASPER wall – designed for community and arts related events.  Just leave your poster with Justin and we will post.  Ideas for the brown bag program are most welcome.


We were concerned about the naked walls (until we get our gallery hanging rails) and then the sun showed up at the Habitat one afternoon and decorated the walls for us!


Well, fun doesn’t end with an ‘n’ this weekend…its fun’d’ report time.  Oh – almost forgot – having lived in Jasper for years our board members came up with the idea of lowering studio costs in the winter, to reflect the lower income so many of us have in the winter.  So for Dec 1st to March 31st you can access a studio space for 1/2 of the normal cost recovery fee.  Talk to

January 2011 – Dish Pottery School will be opening, Delphinus Video School as well – on time for making your film for Festival, and A.C.T. (A Community Theatre) will also begin programming for the new year!  Sign up now at Habitat, registrations are open and spaces are limited.


On Friday October 29th three wise people at the Jasper Town office and Parks Canada worked together and got the lease approved – Monday November 1 we got keys to the Habitat.  Starting Tuesday November 9 you can stop in between noon and 5 and see your community artspaces!  The Habitat for the Arts is officially open.  The GRAND OPENING is January 16 in conjunction with Jasper’s winter festival.  Big Band sounds will echo through the building while we work on our first annual TIME AUCTION…we have dreamt up a winter of activities.  IMPROV for youth starts Dec 5, theatre classes for adults is already underway on wednesday nights…and our MINIFEST is November 25th.  As soon as we get our Facebook page up I will let you know.

See you at the Habitat!  Now on google maps.

Full listing of Habitat contacts is available on the right side of this page under HABITAT.  And a full overview of all the things community can do in this space is HERE…check out the calendar of community events too.


Now back to the original post;

A little history…

…early this year it was noticed that the Provincial Courthouse in Jasper National Park Alberta was vacant.  Having watched arts programming taking place in schools, the library, the recreation centre, vacant buildings, basements and churches since the late 80’s…wherever possible – we wondered if the old Courthouse could be a space dedicated to the arts.

A non profit foundation had been created in 2009 for other arts purposes – IOTAD (It Only Takes a Dream, a registered Alberta non profit arts foundation) saw the opportunity to secure space in Jasper for artists and patrons.

In April 2010 the Minister of Culture and Community Spirit gave his support to the Minister of Infrastructure and the space was allocated to become the home for the Jasper Community Habitat for the Arts and regional Creative Campus.  It is now July, we are going through the leasing process, and by late fall the space will be open!

So what does that mean exactly for the future?

The Jasper Community Habitat for the Arts is designed to provide unique and meaningful arts programming. Programs ranging from studio space for community and visiting artists, classroom space for after school programs to post secondary accredited outreach education, a venue for small music / theatre presentations, a home for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts traveling exhibitions, a volunteer centre, a hub for information on cultural events in the community, a resource centre for artists and instructors, a multicultural centre for showcasing community ethnicity…  The plan is to develop a place where community can engage with each other, educate and interact with the public. It is intended that the space will be enjoyed by all demographics whether it be for presentation of art or to engage in the arts.

We are pretty excited about the possibilities for this space…and cant wait to see what the community does with it!  Especially if Jasper gets Cultural Capital status in 2011!!

For more information – to book a studio or a classroom…please email us at



The Peoples Gallery (Jasper’s Public Art Gallery) in the Habitat has 6 amazing exhibitions from the Esplanade in Medicine Hat, the Art Gallery of Alberta, the Grande Prairie Art Gallery and one to honour travelers for David Thompson year…posting of the years events by the end of summer.  (Exhibits from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts)


FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AT    ‘jasperhabitat’