Alberta Artography, The Guide to Alberta Art and Artists!


The FIRST edition of the guide is out there! And online at

Watch the Alberta Visitor Information Centres for your copy or…

Click to see!

Contact us soon to get into the next edition.


We believe that if we consistently work on getting patrons and artists together Alberta’s Arts and Cultural Industry will surpass all other industries in longevity and sustainability.  And since this is the industry we choose to work in we are constantly striving for that goal.

In 2015 (and the next year….its an ongoing thing!) we began our dream project – An Alberta Studio Guide (Alberta’s Artography).

AND we are thrilled to tell you that The Government of Alberta provided some seed funding to make sure we find what we need to make this a reality!  With the new Minister of Culture, David Eggen, also being the Minister of Tourism…art is sure to be the way to see Alberta!!

So…as we were saying…who wouldn’t want to travel the province and see all the artists studios – artists at work!  Or the markets, festivals or community events where artists can be found?  Tie that in with some of Alberta’s amazing small town theatres and you have great reasons for patrons to hang out in your town!

SO – Its pretty simple.  You contact us, give us your details…we work with you on designing your ad for the most comprehensive ‘Culture Seeker’ travel guide that there is in Alberta.  (We say in Alberta because BC and the Yukon and the Maritimes have the most amazing studio guides – with years of success.)

The 1st edition is DONE!

We continue to be on the road…getting your details!

We want to meet you.  And list you in the next edition!


If you can get a small gathering of artists in one place we will provide the treats while we share our love of finding great art!

So contact us soon to get on the schedule!  tour

Download the Ad Insert Docx here: THE GUIDE

The deadline is always looming…

Snail mail Alberta Artography Bx 2397 Jasper Alberta T0E 1E0


Email us at trek

To book time in your studio with our cinematographer for added content to your web post!  Email camera


A sample of an artist in studio created for the Artography project…


The publication will be divided into regions of the province for ease of travel.  South, Central,  Northwest, Northeast, Rockies etc…with google map applications for smart phone/tech travelers.  This basic ad will be $200 and include a full colour image/logo of your studio/art.  This allows for approximately 50 words of text, location, phone, email/website  and snail mail address.  Each additional inch will be $75.  For $150 we will create a 1 to 2 minute video of you in your studio to put on the accompanying website. (dependent on content and editing)

On the road...

On the road…



Contact us arts @


What might your ad look like?

Below is an example of a $200 ad, this fictional studio wishes to be open for Culture Days and wants a 1-2 minute video on the website.  (length dependent on editing content)

With smart phones travelers can click on the QR tags and within seconds find, not only the Guide website, but links to your personal site, your video, your facebook page or twitter links!




So…where can travelers find your art?

Lets make sure Alberta culture seekers can find you!

4 thoughts on “Alberta Artography, The Guide to Alberta Art and Artists!

  1. Hello,
    I was recently made aware of your existence and this interests me greatly. I hope you are able to come back to the Bonnyville area before the deadline. I have a studio on Moose Lake just outside of town. Could you please let me know what I need to do to be in this guide.
    Leonie Poole

    • Hi Leonie…yes…we will be back touring and searching in January. I trust you read the updates on the page on this site. I will email you with details! Marianne

    • Hi Leonie. Can you send me an email…we are traveling a lot this month and will be in your area! arts @ (no spaces – just avoiding spam by writing my email with spaces)

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