Cinderella vs the Olympics

Being a community of 4500 and bringing in a big production like the Ballet Jorgen’s Cinderella can be a tad hard on the nerves…special details ranging from ironing costumes to creating dressing rooms from back stage storage closets seemed like a never ending task.  At least they brought the tool box!

Redesigning the lighting in our Activity Hall/Floor curling/Climbing wall multipurpose room and finding a 50 foot sound snake were but two of the technical challenges we proudly overcame!  So its a Friday night…hundreds of pounds of stage equipment are arriving, volunteers are in place, duct tape is everywhere…and the TV is plugged in and on the Olympic Hockey Game!  Lets not forget – we are Canadian.

And in came the crowds to this sold out evening – mommies and daughters in lace and fancy shoes…husbands and wives out for a rare night at the Ballet!

Well done Arts Jasper…cant wait to see whats next.  Oh – its the Tennessee Williams theatre production of Glass Managerie on March 20th.   Tickets can be purchased at Tekarra Color Lab, The Other Paw and for a real treat take a night on the town with dinner and theatre starting at Papa Georges for a three course meal.

See you there!

Unfortunately the ‘too toos’ (spelling anyone?) did not stay in Jasper as the young dancers at the Jasper Dance Program coat check were hoping.  So if you want to give to great cause-donate to the Jasper Dance Program’s ‘too too’ wish list!

Another weekend in the Rockies

I knew that living in the Rockies gave me a strength that I couldn’t understand.  I just accept the wonder of this natural place and go about my work.  From morning sunrises over the mountains to the soapstone carving on my desk…rock is one constant in my life that – excuse the pun – grounds me.

So tonight’s exhibits at the Jasper Museum and the Jasper Artists Guild were a delightful way to end the week.  Both of these exhibits give the viewer a glimpse of the Rockies (or just rocks)…and offer a glimpse into the diversity of the place I call home.

Both of these exhibits are on for most of March.  The Artists Guild is located in the old Firehall near the Jasper Post Office and the Museum is located across the street from the pool.

Anna Carnell

Edith VanderKloot

Wanda Whaley

Ray Syrja

Alan Butler website is under construction…you can find Alan and Ray on the Jasper Artists Guild site

Jasper Artists Guild