The Game is Afoot!

Jasper National Park has always been the destination for all kinds of travelers. In the early 1900’s Sir Arthur Conan Doyle visited several times. His poem THE ATHABASKA TRAIL became something that both the Park and CNR used to entice visitors to the area.

April is Poetry Month. And Canadian Film Day Month. To honour Canadian film, poetry and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle we are celebrating the most notable of his writings…SHERLOCK HOLMES.

Films, scavenger hunt, art exhibit…even a rare appearance by Sir Arthur himself!

SCAVENGER HUNT clues are at the top of the stairs at the Habitat for the Arts OR you can email us to get a copy of them!  or copy them from the jpg below 

The scavenger hunt is a photographic hunt…take clue number 9 for example…THE SOLITARY CYCLIST.  Get your camera out…find a way to take a creative image of a solitary cyclist…and when you have done as many of the clues as you wish (you dont have to do them all) SEND them in to us!!  



APRIL 10 join us for the annual Mayors Poetry Contest at the SnowDome Coffee Bar in Jasper…the annual celebration of word that gets a poet into a council meeting!  


AND what would a month of words and mystery be without a book!?  For April the Jasper Book Club has chosen MAGPIE MURDERS!



The Doctor’s Case
The Master of Horror meets the Master Detective. When a diabolical English lord is murdered, Sherlock Holmes and Watson must unexpectedly exchange roles in order to solve ‘the perfect locked room mystery.’ Based on the short story by Stephen King. Directed by James Douglas.
Chaba theatre APRIL 13, 2pm


APRIL IS SHERLOCK MONTH in Jasper…see you there!